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Updated June 3rd, 2022 by dmcgilvray

How do I project in the WMSC Commons?

Projection in the WMSC Commons is simple, everything except for the mics is controlled from the touchscreen on the control panel. How To: 1. Open the cabinet and touch the screen to wake it up 2. Select ‘Presentation’ 3. Select 'HDMI'    4. The screen should begin to roll down along with the projector turning on automatically. 5. Plug the HDMI cable...

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Updated February 28th, 2023 by dmcgilvray

Need help projecting in the Board Room?

Connecting to the projector in the Board Room is astraightforward process, but there are a few simple obstacles that can trip youup. You can connect to the projector either hardwired or wirelessly, and thereare instructions for both methods below. One other major thing to take noticeof is your audio output; if it is set improperly, you will not have...

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Updated August 15th, 2023 by dmcgilvray

How do I project using the Campus Center AV?

The projection system in the campus center was updated over the summer of 2023, giving us a simpler system. Things may look similar those of you familiar with the older system, but the process has been streamlined and is easier than ever! Like before, everything starts with this control panel:  Just tap the screen and you'll enter this menu: Press "...

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