I can see my students, but they can’t see each other. Why?

Written By Mollie Page (Liquid error: internal)

Updated at April 29th, 2020

The Conferences interface is displayed using BigBlueButton's (BBB) HTML5 conferencing system.  As most of the country moved to distance learning, BBB updated their software and the option to have all students see each other in a whole group meeting was removed.

Current workarounds:

  • If a student is presenting, you can promote them to presenter, and they should be able to see videos of other students.  If you try this, let us know if it works!
  • Students can see each other in Breakout Rooms, so you can send students to break out rooms for face to face time.
  • You can promote all students to moderator.  This gives students some significant extra privileges so use it with discretion and norm setting.
    • Moderators can: mute/unmute other viewers, lock down viewers (such as restrict them from using private chat), and make anyone the current presenter. There can be multiple moderators in a session.
  • You can use Teams or Zoom education to conference.  Teams allows 4 faces on screen at a time (and more soon).  Zoom allows all viewers to be seen.
  • If these do not work for you, please email tech@overlake.org with a description of your instructional needs and we will help get you set up in the appropriate tool.

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