My students need to give a presentation. How do I do that?

Written By Mollie Page (Liquid error: internal)

Updated at April 29th, 2020

You can give student the ability to present by making them the presenter.  They can then share their screen, upload a PowerPoint, write on the white board, etc.

  • Click on the student
  • Click Make presenter

You will notice that they now have the blue presenter icon:  


 When they are done, you can take presenter back by clicking your name and Take presenter.



  • There can only be one presenter at a time
  • The presenter can do the following:
    1. Upload slides
    2. Use the whiteboard to annotate any side
    3. Enable/disable multi-user whiteboard
    4. Start a poll
    5. Share a YouTube, Vimeo, or Canvas Studio video
    6. Share their screen


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