Recording a Canvas Conference

Written By Mollie Page (Liquid error: internal)

Updated at June 2nd, 2020

How do I record my session?   

You need to do TWO things to be able to record your session:

1. When you are setting up your conference, click “Enable recording for this conference” 


2. When you enter the conference, turn on recording.

  • You can pause and restart recording as necessary or let it record the whole time.
  • There is no editing possible, so the recording will be the recording.


When you are done, exit the conference by closing the window.  The video will start processing once everyone has left the conference or you end the conference.  Once you end a conference you cannot re-open or re-start it.  If the video doesn’t show up after an hour or so, you may have to end the conference to trigger the video.

How do I find the video?

If you end your conference, the conference down into the concluded conference section.  The small arrow next to the conference (in active or concluded conferences) lets you know there is a recording.  If you do not see it yet, it may not be done processing.  Try again in an hour or so.


Click on the “Presentation” link to view the video in a new window.  Students will see the same thing to watch the video.  The video will be available for 14 days.  After that, it will be deleted. 

NOTE:  Recording does NOT save public chat, shared notes, external videos or breakout rooms.

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