How to access the P/T Conferences as a Parent

P/T Conference instructions for Parents

Written By Michael Xalxo (Administrator)

Updated at November 12th, 2020


Please do not use your Child's Overlake email account to join the P/T conferences

Overlake Veracross Portal

  • This will display all of the conferences for each student, click on 'Download Schedule' to get the pdf file.

Download your PDF Schedule

  • The PDF file will open in a new tab which will include all the meeting links based on the teacher and time slots you have scheduled. 

Joining Teams meeting

  •  Please make sure to click on the meeting link at your scheduled time. It will trigger to open the meeting link on your browser.
  • If you have your personal/work Team's account and an application installed on your device, click 'Open Microsoft Teams'
  • If you don't have a Teams account, Select 'Cancel' and click 'Continue on this browser'.

  • When prompted to allow camera and microphone access, select 'allow'.

  • Enter your Full name or your Child's name so that teacher can let you into the meeting.

Still need help?

Please reach out to Becky - or the Overlake Tech Team at and we'll help you troubleshoot. Thank you!

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