How to access the P/T Conferences as a Teacher

P/T Conference Instructions for Teachers

Written By Michael Xalxo (Administrator)

Updated at November 13th, 2020

Overlake Veracross Portal

  • This will display all of your conferences for each student.

Joining Teams meeting

  •  Please make sure to click on the meeting link at your scheduled time. It will trigger to open the meeting link on your browser.

  • For teachers who teach one school level (Middle School or Upper School), you have only one Teams meeting link. Once you join the meeting, you don't have to leave the meeting until you are done for that day. 
  • For those who are cross-over teachers  (Upper School and Middle School), you have two separate Teams meeting links. 
  • Upper School P/T Conferences (Teams meeting link 1) from 8 am -12 pm on Thursday (11/12/2020) followed by Middle School P/T Conferences (Teams meeting link 2) from 1 pm - 5 pm.
  • Middle School P/T Conferences (Teams meeting link 2) from 8 am -12 pm on Friday (11/13/2020) followed by Upper School P/T Conferences (Teams meeting link 1) from 1 pm - 5 pm.


If you requested Becky to modify any of your conference slots, please follow your Teacher portal to get the appropriate links.

Managing the Lobby in your meeting

  • Once you've started a meeting, you'll see a notification when someone is waiting in the lobby.

  • Click on 'View Lobby' and allow the parents who are scheduled to join you in the meeting at that time.

  • If someone bypass the lobby by using their student's Teams account, you can remove them from the meeting by clicking on the ellipsis sign next to the participant's name and select 'Remove from meeting'

Managing Chats in your meeting

  • It is recommended that you limit the use of Teams chat during the P/T conferences and avoid posting items that are student-specific, because the chat may continue to be visible to participants even after they have disconnected from the meeting. Consider sharing your screen or email documents after the conference instead.
  • When in doubt, you can remove any participants from the group chat - How to remove participants from the group chat?
  • Click on the particpants and hover over the name 

If a parent didn't sign up for the P/T conferences or wants to reschedule?

Teacher(s) can look for a free slot on their schedule and send them the same link for them to join at that specific time. Teacher(s) will then join the meeting and admit them from the lobby. 

Please note that this meeting will not show up on your PDF schedule as it is not scheduled.

Still need help?

Please reach out to Becky - or the Overlake Tech Team at and we'll help you troubleshoot. Thank you!

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