Overlake Telephone Voicemail System

Instructions for the on-campus telephone and voicemail (Mitel) system

Written By Greg Morse (Administrator)

Updated at June 24th, 2020

Dialing 911 will call Emergency Services

 In the case of an emergency, call 911 

Stay on the line with the emergency operator until they authorize you to end the call. 

After the emergency call, call the Front Office at extension 610 to engage Overlake's first responders.

If you mistakenly call 911, simply stay on the line and let the operator know it was a mistake. Also, call extension 610 to let them know it was a false alarm.


To reach the Voicemail system 

on-campus - call 600 or press the Messages button on the desk telephone.

off-campus - call 425.868.6191, press *, enter your extension/mailbox number then your enter voicemail password.

Voicemails are sent to a user's email as a WAV sound file.

Users with a phone number assigned to their Teams account will receive an email with an MP3 audio file, not a WAV file.

Be on guard against Phishing emails posing as a voicemail message.


Calling instructions On-campus

to call an extension, merely call the 3 digit number, 

to call an off-campus number, call 9, then the area code and number. If an external number is long-distance, first press 9, then 1. 

Dialing 911 will call Emergency Services.


How to Setup Voicemail

1)  Lift handset

2)  Press the Voicemail button or call 600

3)  Enter the default passcode 1234

4)  Press 1 to continue

5) You will be prompted to select a new passcode with the same number of digits. Do not use all 1234 again.

6) Re-enter your passcode for confirmation

7) Voicemail prompts you to record your name

Press 1 to accept, 2 to review, 3 to re-record

8)  Voicemail prompts you to record a personal greeting

Press 1 to accept, 2 to review, 3 to re-record

9)  Voicemail will prompt you to set up your Personal Contact numbers or press # to finish later.

10) Now your mailbox is ready to use. You man change any of these setting later if you wish. 


Voicemail Diagram/Map

Sending Messages 

After opening your mailbox, press to send a New message 

Enter a destination mailbox number(s)

Press # to end destination list and record your message.

After recording, choose from the Send menu options.

              to Review

              D to Discard & Re-record

              A to Append

              M for Message Addressing

              X to Send & Exit

Transferring Calls Into Voicemail

Press the Trans/Conf key

Press Voicemail or call 600

When Voicemail answers press #

Enter the mailbox number to transfer to voicemail

Hang up immediately

       *If you do not hang up immediately, the caller will not hear all of the selected mailbox greeting. 

User Options

To change your User Options in your mailbox

1. Enter your mailbox as described above

2. Press U for User Options

to Change Greetings

              N to Change your recorded Name

              P to Change your Password

              L for Distribution Lists

              T to Record Temporary Greeting

              F to record a Memo

              X to Exit


  Additional Features

Refer to the detailed user guide for additional features such as: 

Forward to e-mail

Personal Contact Numbers

Temporary greeting 



Distribution Lists




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