Overlake Class Schedule for Outlook

Written By Kelly Vikstrom-Hoyt (Collaborator)

Updated at September 1st, 2021

I live from my Outlook calendar. I know some of you love your paper planners and carry them around, but if it's not on my outlook calendar, then it doesn't happen. If I'm at the doctor's office, I need to see the school schedule, and what I'm doing at the same time to make the appointment, and I need to do it all on my phone. 

If you are an avid Outlook user, or if you want to become one, this is a solution for you! 

What will this do for you? It will make a separate calendar in Outlook called "Daily Class Schedule" that you can open on top of or beside your own personal calendar. You can also copy blocks over from the schedule onto your own calendar (see D Block below when I was covering a study hall). This is helpful if someone says "are you free Thursday A Block?" and you need to see when A Block is on Thursday, OR if someone says "can you meet at 2 on Thursday" and you need to know if that is a block you are teaching. 


To get access to this calendar in your Overlake Outlook:

1) Go to Office 365 in your browser

2) Click on Outlook

3) Click on calendar

4) Click on "Add calenda

5) Click on "Subscribe from Web" and paste this link in to the space provided. 


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