Instructional Technology Expectations for Teaching and Learning

Expectations of employees who teach and how they use technology for teaching and learning.

Written By Jay Heath (Administrator)

Updated at June 25th, 2020

In order to deliver the best teaching and learning experience to our students both online and on campus, the following are expectations of all employees who teach classes.


  • Canvas Home Page
    • Every course home page must include the following:
      • Course syllabus or link to syllabus
      • Overview of course objectives/essential questions for the course
      • Communication expectations, contact information, and teacher availability
      • Clear communication of when and where class meetings will take place (Canvas Conferences, Teams, Zoom) and attendance expectations
      • Clear communication of how/where course resources are organized
      • A link to the Overlake Online Learning Expectations
  • Online Class Expectations
    1. Teachers must be present and reachable during the entirety of all scheduled class blocks 
    2. Based on instructional goals, teachers should make decisions about how to balance synchronous and asynchronous time
      • Synchronous time may include differentiated group sizes (whole group, small group, 1:1)
      • Asynchronous time may include independent work, group work, personalized learning pathways, assessments, or projects
    3. Each scheduled class meeting must have a synchronous component in order to facilitate: 
      • Face-to-face interaction
      • Personal connection
      • Clarifying learning objectives
      • Q&A
      • Attendance
    4. Grade level teams should coordinate to consider screen time impacts on students 
  • Canvas Assignments
    1. Teachers must post assignments on Canvas calendar no later than 4:15 pm the day before they are due
    2. Major assignments must be posted at least 48 hours in advance, preferably a week or more
    3. Upper School major assessments posted to Major Assessments Calendar (MAC)
    4. If we are online or hybrid, teachers must post assignments for the week by Monday morning 
  • Grades
    • Teachers must use Canvas Gradebook to record and share grades
      • Best practice: Hide grades while grading and providing feedback
    • Student feedback and grades should be posted/updated regularly
    • If we are online or hybrid, teachers must provide feedback in Canvas (SpeedGrader, rubrics, etc.) at least every two weeks 
  • Attendance and Communication
    • Teachers must record attendance in Veracross for all synchronous classes by the end of class
    • Based on the Overlake Online Learning Expectations, teachers should communicate course-specific expectations and norms to students and parents
    • If we are online or hybrid, teachers must communicate availability and hold regular office hours
    • Communication with students may only happen via Canvas Message or Teams in concert with the Overlake Employee Handbook Communication Policy.
      • Teachers should clearly communicate how and when students will use different platforms 
      • Sending text or SMS messages to students is not permitted without the presence of another adult as a third party
    • Teachers may require students to turn on their cameras during online meetings but must also encourage blurred or non-distracting virtual backgrounds
    • Teachers may only conduct one-on-one video or audio meetings with students in Teams

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