Finding Success with Overlake Technology

A guide for students to get where they need to go to find success at Overlake with technology.

Written By Jay Heath (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 28th, 2023

There is a lot to manage as an Overlake student. Classes, schedules, athletics, clubs, college applications, and more. Here are some tips to make sure you find success at Overlake using our technology tools. Here is the link to an online meeting going over the information on this page if you prefer it in video format.(Owl ID required). 


Canvas is Overlake's Learning Management System, and your home for all things academic and extracurricular. If you're in a class, club, team, Project Week, or other groups, you will have a Canvas class for that group managed by the teacher (teachers can create student editors as appropriate). We have resources to cover Canvas in some more depth as part of our Student Technology Preparation guidance, but here are a few important things with which to familiarize yourself:

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is Overlake's platform for all things productivity and collaboration. Get in the habit of visiting to access all your Overlake Microsoft resources, including: 

  • Download Microsoft Office
  • Teams - Overlake's preferred online meeting and chat platform. Be sure to download Teams
  • OneDrive - unlimited file storage
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint Online
  • And more, including Sway, Forms, Sharepoint, Vizio, etc.

Veracross Portals

The Veracross Portals are the place for all things logistics - calendars, schedules, report cards, daily schedule, directories, and more. Here's what you should see when you access your student portal: 

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