Restoring deleted items - Assignments/Quizzes from a course

How do I restore deleted items - assignment(s) from a course?

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Updated at April 30th, 2020

For Admins only 

If you are a Canvas Administrator, you can restore deleted assignments. Read this article on How to check if you have administrator rights in Canvas. The deleted items - Assignments/Quizzes/Discussions/Surveys are restored along with the responses or submissions into its course respectively.




When a deleted item is restored, it reverts back to unpublished status. You will have to publish again, if needed.


Open Course 



In Global Navigation, click the Courses link [1], then click the name of the course [2] in question. 



Modify the course URL 

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Check the course URL. Add /undelete [3] at the end of the URL, hit enter.


View Restorable Items



A list of restorable items will appear for that course.  

 Restore Item


If you need to restore your deleted item, click the Restore button. 


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