Guiding Questions for Information Literacy and Technology

Guidelines for how our community uses technology tools

Written By Kelly Vikstrom (Collaborator)

Updated at July 5th, 2024

The mission of the Information Literacy & Technology department is to provide leadership, resources, and structures to develop multi-literate, adaptable learners. 

Members of the Overlake community will use technology responsibly by acting in a considerate, safe, and ethical manner in line with the school's mission. We understand that the ethical use of technology extends beyond the school day and school buildings. We will be mindful of how we present ourselves online and offline, and understand that our words have the power to affect people’s safety. We will strive to model and practice these behaviors in both online and offline environments. School rules that govern respect for others, respect for property, academic honesty, and harassment apply on- and off-campus to any use of technology. Technology refers to all hardware, software, the Internet, and online tools.  

How will we use technology to live Overlake’s mission and values?

Compassion: How will we use technology to demonstrate compassion, care, and kindness to others?

  • For example, communicate electronically with the same care and caution as one would in person, recognizing that there are limitations to electronic communication.

Curiosity: How will we use technology to explore, research, and inquire about the world?

  • For example, learn and inquire within school-appropriate boundaries, exploring relevant topics safely and responsibly.

Integrity: How will we ensure our use of technology is guided by a moral compass?

  • For example, represent yourself and your work authentically and honestly, giving credit where it is due.  

Inclusion & Equity: How will we use technology to create inclusive environments that ensure equitable outcomes for all?

  • For example, help everyone feel welcome and included when communicating online.
  • For example, consider equitable access to technology and avoid assuming everyone has comparable technology.

Mutual Respect: How will we use technology respectfully in service of ourselves and the community?  

  • For example, consider the appropriate time, space, and tools for each class, audience, etc.
  • For example, demonstrating the responsibility to use technology independently. 


Also see Overlake's AI Philosophy as you consider how best to make use of AI Tools


Updated January 2024

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