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Updated August 24th, 2022 by Kelly Vikstrom-Hoyt

Overlake Class Schedule for Outlook

I live from my Outlook calendar. I know some of you love your paper planners and carry them around, but if it's not on my outlook calendar, then it doesn't happen. If I'm at the doctor's office, I need to see the school schedule to make the appointment, and I need to be able to see it on my phone.  If you are an avid Outlook user, or if you want to ...

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Updated August 23rd, 2023 by Kelly Vikstrom-Hoyt

Overlake Artificial Intelligence Philosophy

“The Overlake School will exemplify a student-centered education and a collaborative learning environment that connects to the broader world.”   ~ Overlake's Vision statement In following with this vision and the mission and values of the school, Overlake acknowledges that artificial intelligence (AI) tools are in use in education, and has developed...

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Updated November 4th, 2022 by Kelly Vikstrom-Hoyt

Canvas Events for a Specific Section

Do you need to post an event in Canvas that is only for one section of a course? You can do this!  One place this would be very useful is when posting events in the US Info or MS Info Canvas Courses. You can limit events to specific grades so the calendar doesn't get too cluttered.  1) When you create the event in the Canvas Calendar, select "More O...

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Updated August 18th, 2022 by Kelly Vikstrom-Hoyt

Teams Etiquette and Best Practices

Now that we have all jumped enthusiastically into communicating on Teams, we need to set some norms for communicating as a school. This guide will serve to help us all get on the same page (or chat, as it may be) and streamline our Teams communication. Video calls and meetings  This toolbar shows up when you hover over the bottom/middle of the video...

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