How to use Conference Phones

Poly Trio 8800 device user guide

Written By Djimon Wulah (Administrator)

Updated at June 2nd, 2022

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Poly Conference Phone User Guide

Contact Directory:

To view the Contact Directory: Navigate to Contacts > Contact Directory. 

To add a contact to the Contact Directory

  1. In the Contact Directory, tap +  
  2. Enter the contact’s information and tap Save.

Placing Calls:

You can place a call using Contacts, Recent Calls, or dialing a number! 

To place a call, Do one of the following from the Home screen

  1. Tap Place a Call > enter phone number > tap Dial. 
  2. Tap Contacts > select a directory > select a contact > tap Dial 
  3. Tap Recent Calls and select a contact. The contact is dialed automatically 

Initiate a Conference Call 

Initiate a conference call with up to four contacts. 

To initiate a conference call: 

  1. Call a contact. 
  2. Tap Add to enter your contact’s number or select a contact from Contacts or Recent Calls. 

It is also possible to join an active call or a call on hold into a conference call. 

To join two calls into a conference call: 

On the Calls screen, select two calls and tap Merge Calls. Icon request: Merge Icon · Issue #10790 · FortAwesome/Font-Awesome · GitHub

Manage Conference Calls 


When you initiate a conference call, you can mute all participants, mute individual participants, or remove a participant from the call. 


To mute all conference participants: 

Tap the conference name and tap Mute All to mute all participants. Radio microphone with solid fill


To manage individual participants, tap a participant then do one of the following: 

Tap Mute Radio microphone with solid fill to mute the participant. 

Tap Hang UpReceiver with solid fillto remove the participant from the conference. 


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