How do I offer live translation in an in-person meeting or gathering?

Using Microsoft Translator to provide closed captioning to an audience.

Written By Djimon Wulah (Administrator)

Updated at August 18th, 2022


In order to better support all members of our community, the school is piloting the use of live translation services for Overlake's Parent and Guardian Association (PGA) meetings. Based on the feedback from our community, we have selected Simplified Chinese (PRC) as the first language that will be tested. Audience members can expect to see auto-generated closed captions in Simplified Chinese presented on-screen as speakers are speaking during events. If you want to be sure that this functionality is offered at an upcoming event, please contact the event organizer as indicated in the Veracross Portals Calendars. Meetings will be recorded with translation and slides made available after the fact. Recordings will not include video of the presenter(s).

If you have questions or have attended an event with live translation and have feedback, please contact Susan Messier and Jay Heath.

Guidance for Presenters Offering Live Translation

To support this for the community, please use Microsoft Translator in Powerpoint. This built-in feature allows for real-time translation to occur in subtitles. Please note that in order for this feature to work best you must:

  • Speak with a clear and deliberate voice.
  • Use a Microphone
  • Avoid or eliminate background noise
  • Have a fast and reliable internet connection

Presenters should also record their screen using the Screenshot app on a Mac or Windows, then share their recording file via OneDrive and share the link with Susan Messier or Tara Mounsey

If you run into any issues setting this feature up or need to use case guidance from the ILT team, feel free to reach out to us at and we will further assist you.

Tara Mounsey

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