Axiom Instructions for Reviewers

Written By Alisa Steinhilber (Collaborator)

Updated at September 1st, 2022

Directions for Grade and Comment Review in AXIOM

1.    Log into Axiom

2.    Go to the Rocketship  (top left)

3.    Go to Grade & Comment Review Homepage

4.    Scroll down to REVIEWS: Reviews by teacher

5.    Click on Assigned to Me  (this will only be those that are marked as Ready for Review, see notes on Summary below

6.    You will see the teachers you are reviewing and their classes/students

7.    Click on each student name to review the assessment page

8.    Make edits directly in the teacher comments

9.    When finished editing, OR if there are no corrections, click Mark Complete

10.    If you wish/need to reply to Teacher, go to the Review text box:

At the Review Box:

Click Write Review

Write your review  

Click Save Review

An Email will then be sent to the teacher which says:

Alisa Steinhilber has reviewed grades and comments for Mateo Austin in EED101: Leadership and Ethics - D. Here is what they said:

This is the end of the process. Teachers will be instructed there is no need to reply back. But they might anyway! 😊


A grade, a comment, and the rubric assessments are entered for each student. (Not all criteria needs to be assessed on the rubric)

Blatant errors:

Incorrect student name

Incorrect pronoun

Spelling and capitalization

Critical grammatical errors

***When editing, please stick to these basic errors. If you have more substantial feedback to give and suggestions for editing, please message the teacher. Please do not rewrite portions of the comment.


Click on Review Summary to see the progress of your reviews. This is fairly self-explanatory.

-Not Ready  - teacher has not finished and marked them ready  

However, on the due date, I will be batch marking all comments as Ready For Review, so they will all be in the Ready for Review tab. That said, I am sure there will be teachers who are late to finish…there always are. ☹ In that case, I will be communicating this with the Reviewer directly.

-Total in progress –  not Completed 

-Ready for Review  - ready for you to review. 

-Next Action Teacher  - you have sent the teacher a review message

-Next Action Reviewer  - if the teacher happens to write you back 😊 You do not need to act.

-Completed  - you marked them Complete 

-Record Count  -   total number of reviews you are doing for that teacher

Click on the number to see those particular reports. 

Remember, this will most likely not go past the Next Action Teacher step, unless you have marked them as Complete initially, OR if the teacher replies to you.

It is NOT necessary to ultimately Complete Reviews. But if you wish to see them as completed, you can go back to the student and Mark them as Complete.

You may just want to access your reports to review from the Review Summary screen. If you do, click on the number in the Ready for Review tab and access each report on the far right side as seen here.


You can view the current report card by going to upper right-hand side and pull down Report Card Form Embedded URL

You can view previous report cards by going to the Report Card Tab on the assessment screen

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