What happens to my Owl ID when my student leaves Overlake?

An overview for parents and guardians for what happens to their Overlake Owl ID and accounts when their students leave Overlake.

Written By Jay Heath (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 1st, 2024


The time will come for every Overlake student when they move on to what's next. When that happens, former students/graduates lose access to their Owl IDs and various services Overlake provides. In late June, the previous school year is closed, and the new year is started, advancing all current and incoming students up one grade and changing seniors and students leaving Overlake before senior year to Alumni and Former Students, respectively. When this happens, any parent/guardian granted access to their student's information will also become a Parent of Alumni or Parent of Former Student, thus disabling their Owl ID and revoking access to authenticated Overlake services, including Veracross, Vidigami, SCOIR, Overlake.org, and more. PGA GLRs will communicate about PGA and class-specific resources that parents and guardians should know. For Overlake-managed software and services, the following may be helpful to manage closing out your Owl ID. Additional frequently asked questions can be found at the bottom of the page.


The Veracross Parent Portal includes transcripts, schedules, classes, report cards, student files, attendance records, directories, and enrollments. Parents and guardians will lose access to these links and important documents at the end of June for all graduating and former students, though the school retains alumni and former student records for several years. Parents and guardians will lose access to Overlake employee directory information, as well as other family and student contact info across the school if this is your final year at the school. Some directory information is downloadable using the following instructions. In Veracross, chose the "Directories" tab at the top. Under "Browse Categories," select "Students by Grade Level," then choose the desired directory. Then, select "Download Directory (PDF)."

Once the school year has been closed, parents and guardians will stop receiving communication geared toward parents and guardians of students, and will begin receiving communication geared toward parents and guardians of alumni and former students. Please get in touch with the Communications department at info@overlake.org for more information.


Parents and guardians can search for your student’s photos in a few ways: by name, year, and event. For example, sports, performances, project weeks, service days, homeroom, etc. Please note: do not assume the only photos of your student have been tagged, which relies on individual users manually tagging photos. There are many photos of every student for as long as they have been at Overlake. Please get in touch with the Communications Office at info@overlake.org with any questions about Vidigami.


Please get in touch with the College Counseling Office with any questions about access to SCOIR. Parents and guardians should encourage their students to "export their resume" from the site. To do so, they should log in, look under Personal Details, then click "Export Resume" in the upper right-hand corner. This will capture any information that students have created in their profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Owl ID username and password stop working?

Around the last week of June, once the previous school year is closed.


Will my account still be shut off if I have another student still at Overlake?

No! If you have any active or future students at Overlake, you will retain your existing Owl ID username and password.


Who do I contact if I need information after my Owl ID stops working?

Depending on what you need, reach out to either the Help Desk at help@overlake.org, or the Overlake Registrar at registrar@overlake.org.


Encourage your student to stay connected!

Our Alumni Program includes events, reunions, communications, and more. Please update your email via this link so we can keep in touch and share alumni news and announcements with you! Feel free to visit our Alumni website anytime, follow us on social media, add Overlake to your education profile on LinkedIn to connect with other Owl alums, share personal news, and sign up for mentorship. Stay connected! “Once an Owl, always an Owl!”

Need more help?

We're here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out to help@overlake.org with any questions.

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