Creating a OneNote Class Notebook in Canvas

Written By Mollie Page ()

Updated at June 2nd, 2020

Guidance Video: 

  1. Go to your canvas course
  2. Click Class Notebook in the course navigation bar
    1. Log in using your Owl-ID and password if requested


Step 1 – Name your class

  1. The default name will be the course name in Canvas
  2. We recommend that you include your name and school year to make it easier to keep track of notebook over several years:  Course Name – Teacher Name – School Year
  3. Click Next


Step 2 – This page shows the permissions for each section in your OneNote Class Notebook

  1. Collaboration Space
    1. Teachers and students can see and edit
  2. Content Library
    1. Teachers can see and edit
    2. Students can see (and copy content into their personal notebook)
  3. Student Notebooks
    1. Teachers can see and edit all student notebooks
    2. Students can see and edit their personal notebooks.   Students cannot see other student’s notebooks
  4. Click Next


Step 3 – Add another teacher

  1. Teachers have all of the permissions that you have.
  2. If you team teach or want another teacher to have access to your notebook, invite them now.   You should be able to add them by name or email address.  
  3. If you aren’t sure, skip this - you can always add teachers later.
  4. Click Next


Step 4 – Adding Students

  1. Click the first box to have the LMS add the students automatically.
  2. Click Next


Step 5 – Name Sections for each Student Notebook

  1. This will create sections in each Student Notebook.
    1. Check any boxes for sections you want
    2. Uncheck boxes for sections you do NOT want
  2. If you prefer to use your unit names as sections, uncheck all the boxes and click the + Add More button to add your sections with the appropriate names.
    1. Sections can be added at any time, so you may want to just enter the name of the first section for now.
  3. Click Next


 Step 6 – Preview

  1. Click on the Teacher’s Notebook and the Student Notebook to see if everything looks right!
    1. If so, click Next
    2. If not, go back to a previous step to make corrections.


You did it!

  1. Click on the notebook name to open the notebook in OneNote on your computer
  2. NOTE!   Because the LMS is managing student enrollment in your Class Notebook, there won’t be any students.  As students open the Class Notebook in Canvas (see next set of instructions), they will populate in your notebook.  
  3. You will now access your Class Notebook using OneNote – you do not need to use the Class Notebook link again for this course.


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