Canvas - How to Create Your Own Course

Written By Mollie Page ()

Updated at April 27th, 2020

How to Create Your Own Canvas Course

IMPORTANT – please only create courses that are for teachers or for you to experiment in. All courses that contain students need to be created by Veracross. Contact Alisa if you need a Canvas course with students.

Go to Canvas, click on Courses and then All Courses to see your full course list.  

Click the + Course button near the top of your screen (occasionally at the bottom of the screen on macs) 

Give the course a name, keep the license as Private (Copyrighted) and click Create Course.

Open the new course, click on People and then click the green  button.

Enter the email addresses of the other teachers – be sure the role is set to Teacher.    

Click NEXT

Confirm the details and click  to finish up. 

The teachers will need to accept the invitation and then you will all be teachers in the class.

If you need the additional teachers to have a different role, contact the tech office for guidance.

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