How do I add outcomes to a rubric?

Written By Mollie Page ()

Updated at June 18th, 2020

  1. If you haven't already, create an assignment and save it.

  2. Open the assignment, but do not click edit. Instead scroll to the bottom and click the  button

  1. Reminder!  Rubrics must be constructed in order (new rows can only be added at the bottom).  Plan ahead to avoid having to delete rows to add one!

  2. Click Find Outcome to find and select the outcomes you want in your rubric

  3. Select your outcomes.  Be sure to specify whether or not you want to use the outcome points for assigning a numeric grade to the assignment.  Outcome scores will be added to the Learning Mastery gradebook unless you choose that option before saving the rubric

  4. You can edit the non-outcome criteria by clicking the pencil to edit.

  5. Select which options apply for this assignment and rubric

  6. Click Create Rubric

  7. Students will be able to see the rubric if/once the assignment is published.

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