How to Update the Summer Program

Written By Sam Yeager (Administrator)

Updated at March 30th, 2021

  • Most of the summer program can be updated as usual through the Summer Program Camp content type form
  • Special Cases:
    •     Camps have sessions that have a list of dates in them
      •     These dates exist in the Session Paragraph type
      • sureThey are key|value pairs.
      • Values can be updated as needed
        • Keys can be added, but must be removed in the database because revisions will hold references to them even if the sessions are removed from the camps.
      • How to remove keys: Currently uninvestigated
  • Counselors who are not Overlake faculty/staff
    • They need to have an account in Veracross
    • Make them a Drupal account
    • Email = VCX record email
    • username = flastname, i.e. syeager
    • Make a dummy password
      • could be password or generate with LastPass
      • will never be used and local users can't log in on live anyway
    • Give role "Volunteer"
    • Uncheck "Enable this user to leverage SAML authentication"
    • Make them an entry in Database
      • Table: sis_users
      • Make them a new row. 
      • Copy basic data, name them properly
      • Entity_id = drupal entity ID
      • Sis_user_sis_id = VCX ID
  • Summer Admins will update the data
  • What I have asked Summer Admins for:
    • a chronological list of all the session dates for summer
    • an alphabetical list of all the running camp titles
      • Please indicate the old title, even if it is changing, so I can locate the camp we had up last year
      • Please indicate if any camp is both a 3 & 4 and MS camp. We currently need to make two separate camps and duplicate the info inside them to do this. 
  • Webmaster will 
    • get all the new camps made and old camps published/unpublished as needed
    • update the sessions 
  • Summer Admins will
    • place camps in the right sessions
    • edit the descriptions, titles, grades, and faculty as needed 

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