How to easily scan documents and digitize whiteboard notes from your phone

Digitize materials without making a trip to the copier

Written By AJ Pettway (Administrator)

Updated at September 7th, 2021

Microsoft Lens is a quick and easy way to digitize documents or capture whiteboard notes from the convenience of your phone. Here’s how:



Microsoft Lens is a stand-alone app as well as an integrated feature of the OneDrive App. Having OneDrive on your phone will make capturing and saving materials even easier.

  1. Download Office Lens from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play store (Android)Alternatively, if you have OneDrive installed on your phone, you can do all of this directly from the OneDrive app.
  2. Open Microsoft Lens (or click the camera icon in the OneDrive app) and choose what you would like to capture at the bottom of the screen. You can choose document, whiteboard, and business card.
  3. Align the document and notice the automatic frame that surrounds your document.
  4. When you are satisfied, click the white button to capture an image. You can do some cropping if it isn’t just right.
  5. Continue capturing multiple pages if needed.
  6. Choose the filter you want from the ‘filters’ tab at the bottom.
  7. When you are satisfied, click the ‘Done’ button.
  8. Name the file.
  9. From here you can choose to save to various locations. If you would like to save a .pdf click  ‘PDF’ and then save to your OneDrive. The file will be in the Office Lens folder in your OneDrive.

Check out this video to see the process in action as well as some other great functions with Microsoft Lens:

How to use Microsoft Lens PDF Scanner

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