Overlake Online Learning Expectations

An overview of the expectations for students when participating in blended or online learning.

Written By Jay Heath (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 28th, 2023

Overlake expects students to use technology responsibly and in a considerate, safe, and ethical manner in line with the mission and values of the school, as well as existing school policies, such as the Academic Integrity and Technology Use policies. Overlake reserves the right to investigate any misconduct as needed. School technology, software, and network-related resources are collectively known as Overlake Online.

When participating in remote or distance learning, students will:

  • Seek permission before recording or posting sound, video, or images of employees, students, or others.
  • Use Overlake Online in a manner consistent with the objectives and mission of the school.
  • Alert the school to Overlake Online functionality or security problems through help@overlake.org. It is a violation of this policy for students to fail to report, demonstrate (to anyone other than an Overlake employee), or in any way to encourage others to take advantage of a security problem.
  • Not participate in any behavior that includes harassment, bullying, creating or nurturing of hostile online environments, or retaliation of any sort. Students will report any such behavior to the Administration.

In addition, students are expected to adhere to the following norms:

Communicate Respectfully

Make sure to take turns in an online discussion; don’t dominate or interrupt. Be aware of your volume and background noise, as well as what may be visible in your webcam. Also, remember that digital communication does not always convey tone; be careful to avoid comments or sarcasm that may be misinterpreted. Contribute to the conversation in a serious and thoughtful way. Do not use emoji or gifs that may distract from your message. Teachers may require students to turn on their webcams to fully participate in the class. Students are encouraged to use appropriate virtual backgrounds or background blur, or one of the official Overlake Virtual Backgrounds, available here: Overlake Virtual Backgrounds.zip

Collaborate Courteously

Stay on topic during class and do not engage in side-chats unless given permission. Minimize distractions, including multi-tasking that takes away from the task at hand. Also, respect the opinions of your classmates and acknowledge their right to an opinion; if you disagree, do so in a courteous manner. 

Use Appropriate Language

Use correct spelling and grammar, just as you would when speaking or writing in class. Be sure to complete your thoughts, use appropriate punctuation, and proofread your work. Do not use emoji, gifs, or other material that may imply inappropriate content.

Remember Community Values

Online learning is a new venture for everyone. Be forgiving of yourself and others; if someone makes a mistake, let it go or help make amends. Remember Overlake’s values and be generous, patient, and kind to yourself and one another. Pace yourself, and put yourself in an environment that is sustainable, healthy, and effective by managing screen time, taking breaks, and remembering to practice self-care.


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