Poly Studio Camera for Teams and Zoom

How do I use my Polycom Studio in the classroom?

Written By Sharon Johnson ()

Updated at October 15th, 2021

Following your every move!

Poly’s camera tracking technology allows instructors to move freely about the room even when wearing masks.  Eliminating the need to worry about the technology greatly improves the teaching experience. Think of this Polycom Studio as a large Webcam with amazing microphones, speakers and camera capabilities!

Simple USB connection to a PC or Mac running any video app or cloud service • The best audio quality in its class • Automatic speaker tracking • Supports both corded and wireless headsets (if you choose to use this option).

Quick Set Up:

Step 1:  Make sure your PolyStudio camera is plugged into an outlet for power.

Step 2:  Look for the long USB cable attached to the back of your PolyStudio camera. Plug in the USB-A cable into your laptop.  Note: You may need to use an USB adapter. For example, USB-C or Thunderbolt Adapter.

Step 3: You will want to set the PolyStudio as the default audio and video device for the applications (Teams and Zoom) that you use.  

Very Important:

Please use the Hand Lever to rotate and angle your camera or you may cause the camera to loosen from the tripod!  

Be sure to have the tripod legs fully pushed out so that the Poly is stable and won't fall over. Also, watch that the cables do not get twisted around the tripod and pull at the connections at the back of the Poly.  Thank you!!


Step 1: Open your Teams App Link that you would like to run your class or meeting with...  Once you open you Teams Meeting and start the meeting, check that your view (bot right corner) is shown from the PolyStudio camera. Click on Ellipsis... to switch camera.

If your laptop camera is still showing or you are not sure which camera you are using.  Click on Ellipsis...  Then go to your Teams Device Settings. This is where we want you to check your Audio input and output. 

Here you can check which camera you are using.  This is where you will also check your Audio input and output. 

NOTE: Make sure to have your Background Filters OFF including Blur. *You cannot use the Poly camera with a background filter.

NOTE: Polycom Studio should be chosen for Speaker, Microphone and Camera.  You may have to chose this, especially the first time hooking up to your Polycom Studio Camera 



NOTE: If you are not in a meeting: Go to your Profile picture>Settings>Devices to choose the Polycom Studio.

And you are off and running!!


Quickest way is to click on the Video for Camera options, after starting your meeting.

Then click on the Mic for Audio options:

Also click on Audio Settings on the bottom:

Then Uncheck the "Automatically adjusts..." setting and set Mic and Speaker Volume to 75% for best results and no echoing. 

Polycom Studio Remote

Use the Poly Remote for going to Manual Mode (static).  By pressing the Manual Mode button, you will be able to control the set location of the camera view.  This is helpful if you want to focus on the whole class at once or play a game with a group of students without the camera jumping around. You can Zoom in on a group and aim the camera with the Directional Wheel (right, left, up & down).  You can also raise the Volume of the Poly Camera here.  Mute is also very useful.


  • Your PolyStudio camera will track your face, even with a mask. 
  • Look for the thin horizontal green light above the lens on the PolyStudio.  As you look and project your voice, the camera light will move to the right or left side, as you do. This can be helpful to verify the camera is following you before writing on the board or showing a demonstration.
  • Status Indicator Lights of Polycom Studio
Polycom Studio Camera Status Indicator Lights
Red = You're MUTED
Green = Good to GO
  • Use your Laptop or PolyStudio Remote to increase the Volume of the speakers
  • Make sure you Spotlight yourself for your Students to ensure a larger view of you. You can "Pin" any other view you need.
  • Under Device Settings you can control your Volume. Recommend setting the Volume level at 75%.

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