How do I get started with Teams?

If you're new to Teams or looking to learn something new, check out this article.

Written By Jay Heath (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 8th, 2024

If you're not sure what Teams is or why you'd need it, you may want to start with "What is Teams?". When you're ready, here are some tips to get started.

First Steps to Get Started with Teams:

Download Teams

Try it out!

  • Set a profile picture to help people put a face to a name across Teams, Outlook, and more.
  • Configure your voicemail so people know who they have reached when they call you.
  • Go to the Chat tab and start a chat to someone on the tech team to say Hi! If it's someone you chat with regularly you should pin the chat for easy access!
  • Go to the Calendar tab - it shows the same events as your Outlook calendar! This is an easy way to join events that have Teams meeting - click Join to start the meeting. Try to schedule a meeting with someone on the tech team and let's check-in!
  • Go to the Teams tab - what teams do you see? Check out the Teams, and expand the team to see the channels.
  • Go to the Activity tab - here, all the new activity in chats or teams is collected for you to see in one place.
  • Set your personal settings and notifications - do you want to see a notification when something happens in Teams? Maybe for some teams but not others? Or change how something behaves?
  • Employees only:
    • In addition to many teams and channels for all kinds of professional collaboration, check out a few fun channels that your colleagues have created (and consider creating your own channel in #Everyone to chat with folks who have similar interests - maybe sports, gardening, etc.):
      • Hootie's List (Classifieds) - Hootie's List is a great place to ask for recommendations, offer things to give away or sell, etc. Think of it as Overlake's own CraigsList.
      • Help! and Tips! - the general fix-it channel for help to fix things and share strategies you've used to get working again. Includes lots of tips from the technology and other teams to make your work and life easier while using technology.
      • The Food Channel - Overlake foodies (and aspiring foodies) unite to share recipes, restaurants, and more.

Pin Your Favorites

As you become a member of more and more teams at Overlake, and join additional channels within the team, it can be helpful to pin the channels you most care about seeing without having to hunt them down. Chats can also be pinned.

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