Wrapping Up the School Year and Preparing for New Year

What do I need to know as I wrap up the school year? What's coming in information literacy and technology for the new school year?

Written By Jay Heath (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 23rd, 2023

Congratulations on making it through the school year. As you head into summer, we have already begun shifting gears to prepare for next year. We hope all of you get a good, long technology detox this summer (check out some great reads for the summer on the Library website). Before you do, here are a few requests for you and a few things we are working on this summer. Let us know if we can help, and enjoy your summer! 

Ten Years of Canvas! 🎉

  • The 23-24 school year will be our 10th year using Canvas as our LMS. We've come so far, and you have facilitated so much learning and feedback using this platform! Ten years also brings a lot of junk...so we have an important announcement about old Canvas courses. Starting in October 2023, we will delete Canvas courses older than four years. We will launch the school year with lunch and learns on the topic, so fear not! Reach out at help@overlake.org with any questions.


  • Institutional Research: we are proud of the strides we have made in our institutional research program and work evolving the data culture at Overlake, in particular, our data dashboards, as well as running our Employee Engagement Survey for the third time as well as the High Achieving Schools Survey for the second time. We also ran the February 2023 PD day around this topic and learned a lot. We are just getting started, so please reach out to Jay if you have any questions or feedback about how we can better use data to live our mission.
  • Feedback: do you have feedback to help us do better? Please let us know! 
  • TRIM Literacy: we are excited about the work we accomplished this year within our Technology, Research, Information, and Media (TRIM) Literacy curriculum and even more excited about what next year holds. If you would like to work together to integrate TRIM or CSIG standards into your program, please get in touch with Kelly or Rebecca at kvikstrom@overlake.org or rmoore@overlake.org, respectively.


  • Leaving Overlake? Here's our guidance to employees, students, and parents/guardians no longer at Overlake.
  • Return Borrowed Equipment: If you borrowed technology from us at any point during the pandemic, including extra mice, laptops, chargers, monitors, etc., please return them to the help desk as soon as possible. Our ability to provide loaners and equipment is limited if we don’t get back what we loan out. This does not include your school-issued laptop + charger.
  • Poly Cams: If you still have a poly cam that you don't use anymore, please either bring them by the library (with accessories) or let us know if you would like us to come to get them. 
  • Do you have other issues you want to be addressed? If there are persistent or troubling tech issues popping up, please don’t suffer in silence! Please reach out or complete this form to let us know how we can help to make your experience better in your office, department, online, or in your classroom.


  • Wifi & Network Maintenance: As is our practice, we will perform network maintenance to make our wireless easier to use, faster, and more reliable. You’ll join our new network, Overlake Open, when you come in July with a new user interface.
  • New AV installations in the Art Barn, Fulton, and Campus Center: stay tuned for AV upgrades in the campus center for projection and wireless mics, as well as Art Barn studios and Fulton classrooms.
  • Overlake Zoom is no more: during the early phases of the pandemic, we added the Zoom platform to ensure that everyone had the right tools for the job. At this phase in the pandemic, the combination of Microsoft improving its platforms as well as the decreased need for remote collaboration means that we will no longer pay for Zoom. You are welcome to sign up for a free account. For any official online meetings, please use Microsoft Teams. 
  • Canvas for the new year: Canvas classes for the new school year will be available for you to begin working on by early July. If you're raring to go, "What do I need to know to launch my Canvas courses for the new year?" is always a great place to start. New features come out every summer in Canvas, and this summer is no different - you might be interested in learning about the Canvas roadmap of new features, including new gradebook filters, or the student assignment experience, or discussion/announcements redesign
  • New Employee Owl IDs: your newly hired colleagues will be provided their Owl IDs in early July.
  • Simulated Phishing Emails: we hope you have found the simulated phishing emails educational and that they have sparked conversations about security and privacy as we all seek to improve our duty of care for personal and school data. As a reminder, please use the Phish Alert button so you know what is actual phishing and what is simulated by the school.
  • Dark Web Info: As we shared during our May 7, 2021 PD day we will still be sending Dark Web info about breaches to each of you, but it hasn't proven easy to implement. We hope to have more to share next year.

Don't be a stranger!

Don't hesitate to contact us at help@overlake.org or 425.602.7007 if there is anything we can do to help. Have a great summer!

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