How to test WiFi Speed

Written By Greg Morse (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 17th, 2023

Ensure WiFi is On and connected.
If your device is in Airplane mode, WiFi will not work.

In your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc) try running a speed test from one of these sites:


For optimum Wifi performance,

  • be close as possible to the Wireless Access Point,
  • reduce the number of walls or barriers between the computer and the WiFi AP/router,
  • the WiFi AP/router should be 4 or more feet off the floor to reduce barriers,
  • you might need a new router or the router might need a software update, especially if it is several years old. To update your router, either contact the manufacturer or if your router is a rental from your Internet Service Provider (Comcast, CenturyLink, Wave, etc), you might be able to simply exchange it for a new or updated model.


A wired network connection is typically many, many, times faster than a wireless connection.

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