How to Connect to WiFi @ Overlake

How to connect to Overlake Open wireless network

Written By Greg Morse (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 24th, 2024


Overlake Open Access

To connect to the wireless network at The Overlake School, have your device connect to Overlake Open. There is no password required to connect to the wifi network. 


Trouble-shooting Connection issues

If a device is having trouble connecting, try turning Wifi Off then On and try reconnecting. 

Try shutting down the device and turning it back on.

If the device had previously had success connecting, try Forgetting the Network then reconnecting. See the article Forget a Wireless Network for details.

Note: the following steps require Administrator rights.

If a Windows device gets the error, “Can't connect”, after trying the previously mentioned steps, 
Uninstall the network adapter driver and restart the computer and have Windows automatically install the latest driver upon restart.
1. Press Windows key + X and select Device Manager
2. Expand Network adapters
3. Right click the Wi-Fi adapter and select Uninstall Device
4. Restart the computer and attempt to connect.

Another suggestion is to install the latest software Driver from the vendor of the Wifi Network Adapter. For Apple devices, be sure the device is up to date. For Windows devices, the vendor/manufacturer of the Wifi Network Adapter might be Intel for example. To get the latest software driver installed, possibly connect the device to the network with a wired connection. Perform the install, reboot if needed, and attempt a wifi connection.

If there are still issues, please contact the Help Desk.

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