Finding and Editing your STREAM Recording

Microsoft Stream recordings

Written By Sharon Johnson ()

Updated at June 1st, 2021

Warning-Teams Recordings now go to OneDrive

All Teams Recordings now go to a "Recordings" Folder in OneDrive. We no longer use Microsoft Stream.  Only use this article for Old Stream recordings. Instead refer to this article for OneDrive Teams Recordings are now inOneDrive

How do I find and edit my Teams Meeting Recording

Hi Everyone,  Just some more tips if you are having trouble finding or need to edit your Teams meeting recording (saved to Microsoft Stream).  Maybe go to Office365 and go to the Stream app.  If you are signed into 365, it should show your recordings there.  You may have to edit the end if you forgot to stop the meeting.  

  • If you don’t have something from “Microsoft Stream” in your inbox.  Try clicking on the link below for “Finding a video in Stream”. If you forgot to end your recording, don’t worry as the recording stops automatically once everyone leaves the meeting. If someone forgets to leave the meeting, the recording automatically ends after four hours.  
  • If you need to edit your recording to “trim” from the front or back, please click on the link below for “Trimming a video in Stream”.  Hope these links help you.  Thank you! Sharon


Find Videos in Stream:


Trimming a video in Stream:


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