How do I get started with Teams Live Event?

If you're new to Teams Live event, check out this article

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Updated at June 18th, 2020


Teams Live Event - TLE

If you're new to Teams Live Event (TLE) or would like to learn more, you may want to start with "Get Started with Microsoft Teams Live event". When you are ready, here are some articles and videos to get started.

Steps to get started with TLE

Read Microsoft articles or watch videos

1. Schedule a live event

2. Invite attendees

3. Produce your live event

4. Present in your live event

5. Manage the recording and reports

Teams Live Event Roles

There are four key roles involved in TLE:

Organizer: An Individual who schedules the live event, invite producers and presenters, and sends out the attendee link etc. 

Producer: An Individual who oversees the aspects of video production, which presenter to be broadcasted on the viewer's screen, what content to be shared, and the overall layout of the presentation. It is recommended to have more than one producer when you are expecting a very large event, in case you need help with production.


It is recommended to have more than one producers for a very large event when you need additional support.

Presenter: An Individual who presents audio, video or a screen during the live event. You can have up to 250 presenters in any live event but only 10 presenters can share their video with the producer which gets broadcasted one at a time. Presenters must be defined in advance as there is no promote feature to change someone's role to presenter once an event has started. 

Attendee: Your online viewers who can watch your live event either anonymously or by signing in with their Microsoft credentials. They can watch it live or the recording on their own time.


Read more about TLE roles: Event Group Roles

When you're ready to schedule a TLE, please visit How to Schedule a Teams Live Event?

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