Lenovo System Updates

Written By Sharon Johnson ()

Updated at November 16th, 2020

Note: Make sure you are plugged into power before running any System Updates. 

Lenovo System Update saves you time and effort by helping automate the process of finding and installing the latest drivers, BIOS, and other applications. Having the latest downloads and drivers helps optimize the performance of your Lenovo computer system. Lenovo System Update is only for systems that run on Windows.

You can search for "Lenovo System Updates" in your Windows search box. Then click on the app and run the updates.  Check all the critical and recommended updates. Your computer will need to restart afterwards and you may want to run it a 2nd time to make sure everything updated. This is especially true if you have many updates to run. There is a video below if you would like more instruction.

Quick 1:42 second video: Click on the play button near bottom of the video.


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