How to Wirelessly Project to the Gym Cart or Library Cart

How to connect and Screen Mirror/Screen Cast to the portable Screens.

Written By Greg Morse (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 8th, 2023

This article explains how to wirelessly project to either the screen of the Gym-Cart or the screen of the Lib-Cart. Since the BoxLight screen is on a wheeled-cart and the ScreenBeam does not have a network wired-connection the process is different than wirelessly projecting in other classrooms.

The Gym-Cart-SB and Lib-Cart-SB will not show as an option to Screen Mirror/Screen Cast to when connected to Overlake Open WiFi, unless the ScreenBeam has a wired-connection to the Overlake Open network. 

1) Connect the WiFi of the device (laptop, ipad, etc) that will be projecting to either the 
Gym-Cart-WiFi or Lib-Cart-WiFi. Note: the ScreenBeam on the cart must be within range of,
and connected to Overlake Open WiFi. 

2) From the device (laptop, ipad, etc) that will project, Screen Mirror/Screen Cast to the either 
Gym-Cart-SB or Lib-Cart-SB.

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