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How to Print at The Overlake School

Written By Greg Morse (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 17th, 2021

After several months of testing, evaluation, and positive feedback, Overlake is moving forward with a new printing service called PaperCut Hive. Some of the benefits of using PaperCut Hive are - 

  • more secure printing
  • ease of setup
  • ease of use
  • ease of support
  • and reduced environmental impact.

PaperCut Hive is a 'young' product, designed specifically for a cloud and mobile environment which aligns with Overlake's technology direction. PaperCut Hive's advantages far outweigh it's shortcomings. Though Hive does not support advanced printing features like 3-hole punch, multiple-tray use within a print job, etc. new features are continuously being added.

Another great advantage of PaperCut Hive is performing the single install of Hive provides access to all the printers. No more repeating the many steps to add a printer over and over. Also, as printers are added or removed on campus, no changes are required on a laptop, PaperCut Hive deals with the change.

How to get up and running with PaperCut

Overview of the PaperCut Hive setup

  • Receive invite email from PaperCut Hive
  • Click Get Started link in the invite email (installs software on the laptop)
    If you own a mobile phone, install PaperCut Hive from the store.
    If a mobile phone is not an option, see Non-Mobile Printing
  •  Enjoy easy, secure, printing!

Detailed information to get up and running with PaperCut Hive 

To start using PaperCut, you'll need an email 'invitation' from PaperCut. The invitation email is initiated by the Overlake Tech department.
The Sender of the email invite is: "PaperCut Hive <>"
The Subject of the email invite is: "[PaperCut Hive] The Overlake School has invited you to set up printing"

Please do not Forward your email invitation to anyone since it will not work for a other users and the invite contains your unique Access Code.

Example email invite -

Click Get Started in the email invite then follow the instructions.

Non-Mobile Printing 

If you do not have a mobile phone for use with PaperCut Hive, no worries! Just use a barcode issued by the school to 'release the print job' at a copier. There is still an option to print without using PaperCut Hive, see below.

How To Release a Print Job

Once something has been printed from your laptop it goes to the PaperCut Hive queue where it is held until it is 'released'. It the print job is not released from the PaperCut Hive queue within to two days, it is deleted. When you are ready to actually print, the print job can be released in the following ways - 

  • from a mobile phone
  • at a copier using your Access Code/Veracross ID
  • or via a scanner at a copier using your school issued barcode


How To release the job at at a copier using your Access Code/Veracross ID
    (currently only the Ricoh copiers at school support this feature)

At the copier and you see the PaperCut Hive login screen enter your  Access Code/Veracross ID 

Once you are logged in, choose Print All or Print Release, then follow the prompts to complete printing.

How to Quick scan (scan to OneDrive for Business)

Login to Hive using your Veracross ID/Access code then press the Quick scan button. 

Choose your scanning details and update the File name to something more descriptive

When you are done scanning, either more pages or a new document, press the Finish and send button.


NOTE - The first document you scan and send will generate an email from PaperCut, so you can Authorize to receive scans. Once you have authorized the scanning feature, the scan will show up within minutes.

The Quick Scan files are stored at your -

 ...\OneDrive - The Overlake School\Apps\Scans for PaperCut Hive folder.

How to make Copies

Login to the copier with your Access code/Veracross ID
Select Device functions
Select Copier

How to Print directly without using PaperCut Hive

If the printer/copier is not added to your laptop, add the printer using the IP address displayed at the printer.
More detail on the steps to print directly will be added to this article at a later date.

Legacy Printing information

The print server 'Baker' no longer exists. For Windows users, all printers installed from Baker should be removed to avoid confusion since they will not work and create clutter.

Old printers should be removed from your laptop since printers and copiers have new IP Addresses like

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