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Written By Jay Heath (Administrator)

Updated at February 2nd, 2021

At the forefront of all things tech at Overlake is our mission and vision:

The mission of Overlake’s Technology Program is to provide technological leadership, expertise, and systems to support learning. 

Our vision is to cultivate an inclusive community of learners who comprehend and control the transformational power of technology for good, recognizing the social and moral impact of modern technologies. We seek to foster the intentional use of technology to better live Overlake’s mission and values, and in doing so, to promote the lifelong skill of learning how to learn.

Nuts and Bolts

Overlake students are required to bring their own devices since 2015 - read more about the BYOD device requirements. Students, parents/guardians, and employees are provided with Owl IDs which provide seamless single sign-on (SSO) access to all our tools and services. In addition, we offer a technology help desk in the Technology and Language Center on campus, or via tech@overlake.org or 425.602.7007 M-F, 7:30am - 4pm. Our team is passionate, diverse, and dedicated, and we are here to help. 

Software and Services

As we work to live by our mission and strive to achieve our vision, we have a variety of platforms, tools, and workflows we use to do so. Here is an overview of a few of the major and minor services we use and what they are used for:

Microsoft 365 is Overlake's collaboration, productivity, and communication platform across employees and students. Learn more about Microsoft 365 and all it includes.
Canvas is Overlake's Learning Management System. In use since 2013, Canvas allows us to extend the wall's of our classrooms and to seamlessly continue learning outside the physical classroom. Learn more about Canvas at Overlake. 
Veracross is Overlake's School Information System and serves as our "database of record" for students, employees, parents, alumni, and more. Employees, Students, and Parents/Guardians will primarily interact with Veracross Portals. Learn more about Veracross Portals.
Vidigami is Overlake's media sharing platform. Adopted in 2016, Vidigami has tens of thousands of photos neatly organized by school year and function dating back to our founding in 1967. Visit Vidigami or contact info@overlake.org to get access. 
Magnus Health by Veracross is Overlake Health Record Management System. Parents will use the system to submit and manage their student(s) health records, and employees will access the system to access emergency forms for trips, Project Week, and more. Parents and Guardians can visit the Overlake Health Hub to learn more.
There are dozens of other tools in use at Overlake depending on which department, division, or constituency you find yourself working with. Faculty may find our Tools Index helpful.

Where can I dig in?

Here are a few places to get started digging deeper into various Overlake tools and resources:

  1. Start here --> How To: Overlake Technology Basics
  2. How do I get started with Microsoft Teams? (Employees and Students)
  3. Overlake's New Calling and Phone System (Employees)
  4. Finding Success with Overlake Technology (Students)

Here are a select few additional resources that are helpful to explain some of the expectations and policies around technology, teaching, and learning:

  1. Instructional Technology Expectations for Teaching and Learning (Employees)
  2. Instructional Technology Competencies Checklist (Employees)
  3. Overlake Online Learning Expectations (Employees and Students)

Need additional help?

Coming soon! Please contact tech@overlake.org with questions, and in the meantime, please browse wise.overlake.org for answers to any questions you may have.

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